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Festival teatrale dei monologhi SOLO di Mosca


MOSCA – L’Unione Teatrale della Federazione Russa e il Centro Teatrale “Na Strastnom” presentano il VII Festival Teatrale Internazionale dei Monologhi che si svolge dal 29 di Settembre al 10 Ottobre 2014. Il festival SOLO è un progetto particolare. Già da sette anni ne fanno parte i registi più famosi di Europa, Russia e gli Stati Uniti (Robert Wilson, Wajdi Mouawad, Konstantin Raikin, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Paolo Musio, Danio Manfredini ed altri), il che ha reso il festival SOLO uno dei più conosciuti in tutto il mondo e un avvenimento internazionale culturale della importanza eccezionale. Quest’anno per il festival a Mosca sono stati selezionati 13 spettacoli (dalle 250 richieste) che vengono dalla Francia, Germania, Italia, Polonia, Belgia, Romanie e la Russia. I loro spettacoli presentano tre registi italiani: Romeo Castellucci, Antonio Latella e Virgilio Sieni. Oltre a loro, quest’anno ci vengono i famosi artisti, tra cui Ivan Morane – il regista teatrale di Denis Lavant, ed il famosissimo regista belga Jan Fabre.

The Theatre Union of the Russian Federation
The Theatre Center «Na Strastnom »


29 September – 10 October 2014

The Theatre Union of the Russian Federation and the Theatre Center «Na Strastnom» hold the 7th Moscow International Festival of Monodrama Performances SOLO.
SOLO is a unique project. During the six years of the existence of the Festival, the Moscow public got acquainted with the works of such theatre artists as Robert Wilson, Wajdi Mouawad, Konstantin Raikin, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Sonia Bergamasco, Polina Agureeva, Alexey Devotchenko, Redjep Mitrovitsa, Paolo Musio, Fabrizio Gifuni, Rosa Khairullina, Sophia Hill, Denis Lavant, Pippo Delbono, Angélica Liddell, Danio Manfredini, Antonio Rezza and many others.
The stars of the world and European stage who participated in the Festival allowed SOLO to occupy its unique place among the existing cultural events in Russia and in the world. Now Moscow boasts a prestigious theatre festival equal to the biggest world cultural events.
This year, the 13 performances selected to participate in the Festival (among 250 applications) come from Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Romania.
SOLO-2014 is marked by an unequalled number of prominent artists following different contemporary theatre genres, from performance, theatre of cruelty, plastic theatre and contemporary dance, improvisation, high-tech experimental theatre to classical theatre, verbatim and choreography. The program of the Festival comprises the names of Romeo Castellucci, Jan Fabre and Cédric Charron, Philipp Hochmair and Nicholas Stemann, Ivan Morane, Virgilio Sieni, Antonio Latella, Marius Manole and Alexander Balanescu, the Polish actresses Maria Katarzyna Gliwa and Monica Wachowicz, the Russian actors Anton Leonov and Maria Sinyaeva from Saint-Petersbourg and Anatoly Smolyakov from Perm, the Russian directors Roman Kaganovich and Ekaterina Khanzharova.

The Festival will open on the 29th of September 16 meters deep underground. Romeo Castellucci, the famous eccentric Italian, will present his new solo performance Julius Caesar. Spared Parts twice (at 7 and 9 p.m) at Collector Gallery, an impressive underground bunker. The other Festival events will take place on the main stage of the Theatre Center « Na Strastnom », as well as in the Boyars’ Chambers situated by the Theatre.


Program of the festival


Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Italy, Cesena)
William Shakespeare
Directed by Romeo Castellucci
(60 minutes)

The 29th of September,

7 pm and 9 pm


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Spared Parts is two separate discourses. «…vskij» (an allusion to one of the founding fathers of theatre) doesn’t simply read the Shakespearean text. He inserts an endoscopic video camera in his nasal cavity until it reaches his glottis. Thus, a reverse voyage of voice production is projected on a circular screen, continuing until the vocal cords, up to the curtain of flesh that shows the sexual origin of words.
Marco Antonio has undergone a laryngectomy, and a singular technique of vocal emission gives tension to the funeral oration. His voice, deprived of its fleshy throat, becomes an oesophageal pulsation, a pure commotion of vibration, like an utterance from a «wound», the only phonation that can support the tale told by Julius Caesar’s body, perforated by «mute mouths».



ArCuB (Romania, Bucharest)
Nikolay Gogol
Directed by Felix Alexa
Performed by Marius Manole
with the participation of Alexander Balanescu
(90 minutes)


The 30th of September,

7 pm


russia 4

The Diary of a Madman is a unique performance, in which humour and drama blend together along with madness, which creates parallel worlds, taking over the main character’s mind, tormented by sadness and frustration.
When loneliness and lack of perspective end up tormenting us, the only possibility to escape the hostile reality is the imagination. This way we can build a new universe, in which everything is possible and the limit between the real world and the made-up world becomes almost unnoticeable.
Felix Alexa created in this performance a dialogue between music and the extreme emotional states of the famous gogolian character interpreted by the most important Romanian actor of the young generation, Marius Manole, accompanied by a composer and violonist of great virtuosity, Alexander Balanescu.
The Diary of a Madman is an insight into the fascinating and complex world of madness. A performance about frailty and extreme emotional states.

Directed by Marcin Herich

Performed by Maria Katarzyna Gliwa
(40 minutes)


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The performance Lullaby is the small indoor project of Teatr A PART, directed by Marcin Herich. Lullaby is a kind of continuation of another funeral solo by the A PART entitled Klepsydra (Hourglass). In the story of Lullaby we can see the protagonist of Hourglass in the end of her life. Stage spectacle Lullaby is a “poor” non-verbal solo performance acted by Maria Katarzyna Gliwa, joining the poetic of Teatr A PART’s style and steps of style of Avantgard Masters like Samuel Beckett and Tadeusz Kantor.


Teatr A PART

(Katowice, Poland)

after Hamlet by W. Shakespeare
Directed by Marcin Herich

Performed by Monica Wachowicz

(45 minutes)

russia 7

The performance is not only an adaptation of the famoust plot about Hamlet’s beloved from Shakespeare’s drama. In this A PART’s performance the myth of Ophelia is used to show the duality of the female mind, human emotions and decisions in the face of dramatic moments of existence. The spectacle is a solo performance by Monika Wachowicz, joining the poetic of theatre of body, gestures and emotions as well as elements of dance theatre.
In the performance we used fragments of Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, the short poem Ophelia by M. Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska and verbal improvisation live.

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